Pesto Finance


The Boardroom is where you can stake your ownership of Pesto Finance ($PSHARES) and as a reward, you will receive newly minted $pegTokens depending on which chain ($PESTO). As with any Boardroom, there are rules to follow which are put in place to make the Pesto Ecosystem as fair as possible for all parties involved. This means that the following rules are in place:
  • Depositing or Withdrawing $PSHARES has a lockup period of 3 Epochs for $PSHARES withdrawals.
  • Adding to your already staked $PSHARES will reset the lockup counter to 3 Epochs and the harvest lock to 1 Epochs.
  • You can harvest your freshly minted $pegToken ($PESTO) every 1 Epoch.


An Epoch is very easily defined as a length of time. In Pesto Finance, 1 Epoch has a default base of 6 hours. 3 Epochs would then be 6 * 3 = 18 hours. The countdown clock until the next Epoch can be easily seen in the Boardroom.


90% as Reward for Boardroom $PSHARES stakers 6% goes to DAO fund 4% goes to DEV fund